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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire you as a writer?

Short answer: It depends. I like to talk with you about your project first and get all the details. Then I provide a quote for your project, based on the amount of research, complexity, time it will take, etc.

Do you ever write for businesses that aren't in the financial field?

Sometimes. The best part of being freelance is that I get to choose the industries I work with. Send me a message with more about your writing needs and let’s schedule a time to talk.

Do you design materials as well?

Trust me, you don’t want me to design your stuff. I know what looks good when I see it – but designing it from scratch is another story. But I DO have a few freelance designers in my network, and I’m always happy to make a connection.

Do you work with a compliance team?

Sorry, no compliance team here. And every advisor or company I work with has its own set of rules or guidelines. But the good news I know what compliance officers are looking for, so I try to write with them in mind. The best practice is to run copy through your broker-dealer or RIA compliance team before publication.

Do you offer coaching for people who want to become better writers or freelancers?

Yes! I’m a big fan of giving back to people who are starting a new writing business or just want to learn how to communicate better in the workplace. Send me a message if you’re interested in coaching and we’ll schedule a time to discuss what you’d like to accomplish. 

Do you ever outsource projects to other writers?

I don’t really outsource or hire subcontractors. But sometimes I get inquiries about projects that either aren’t a good fit for what I do or I don’t have time to accommodate. In those cases, I like to refer to other writers. Send me a message with the topics you like to write about and I’ll add you to my list!